Welcome to Andisheh Discussion Group at the University of Calgary!

Topic of this session:

Feb 22nd, 2013

5:45 to 7:30 PM

New Venue:

Executive Council Chamber

MacEwan Hall, University of Calgary 

In Andisheh discussion group, we intend to make a secure space to look deeply into some of the daily psychological and sociological issues in our lives. We do not hope to reach to a unique conclusion ultimately; however, it allows for each of us to bring up an important  issue of our lives, discuss about it and hear diversified thoughts and opinions. 

By this means, we have been able to think and learn together and share our experiences. We believe that once we dig into an issue in our sessions, it will remain as an open topic in our minds and data gathering related to that topic resumes automatically. 
Our session is open to everybody to come across with a topic which tackles our minds in order to improve our social and individual behaviors and values.

Andisheh Session Becomes TWO YEARS old.